Is Andrew Shirvell a closet homosexual?

Chris Armstrong On Attacks By Mich. Asst. AG Andrew Shirvell

AC360 - Mich. Asst. Attorney General Andrew Shirvell Targets Gay Student Chris Armstrong

Could Andrew Shirvell be a suppressed closet homosexual obsessed with Chris Armstrong? Judge for yourself.

Why Is Michigan AG Andrew Shirvell Cyber Bullying Gay College Student Prez Chris Armstrong?

Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell has a problem with Chris Armstrong, the gay president of University of Michigan’s Student Assembly, who is apparently on his radar!

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Will Andrew Shirvell turn out to be a hypocrite, closet homosexual like Ted Haggard?

Top Five Republican Gay Sex Scandals

Q: How many Republican politicians can you fit in the closet?

A: Evidently, all of them.

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More Michigan Fail! Boo!!!!

This nut case launched a blog last April under the moniker Concerned Michigan Alumnus, which he uses as a platform to accuse the school's head of government of engaging in "flagrant sexual promiscuity," hosting orgies in his dorm room, and trying to make incoming freshmen "join the homosexual 'lifestyle.'" He also draws swastikas over gay pride flags over pictures of Armstrong's face, and has apparently stalked this kid outside of his home!


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Michigan assistant AG targets gay university student president Chris Armstrong in disgusting cyber-bullying campaign.


Assistant attorney general of Michigan Andrew Shirvell (above) has been targeting gay University of Michigan President Chris Armstrong in a cyber-bullying campaign on a disgusting, extremist private blog, Chris Armstrong Watch:

"With 27 postings to date, Shivell’s blog is filled with language you’ll never hear him use in a court room, calling Armstrong 'nazi like,' a recruiter for 'the cult that is homosexuality,' and a proponent of a 'racist, anti-Christian agenda.'"

Ironically, Shirvell's boss, attorney general Mike Cox, advocates actively against just this kind of bullying, according to WXYZ. Read More >>

Andrew Shirvell: How Is He Still Employed?

Shame on Mike Cox, Michigan's Attorney General. He has the ability to fire Andrew Shirvell, his Assistant Attorney General, but (at least thus far) he has declined to do so. You may have seen this story discussed on Anderson Cooper 360 last night.

Andrew Shirvell's actions don't stop at his mean-spirited online rantings. He also admits to protesting outside of Chris Armstrong's home and at his public speaking engagements.

Now, we know there are bozos out there that really think like this, but typically the ones hired for high-ish level government gigs do not speak openly in such extremist terms, or if they do, they are quickly shuffled out of their job.

Not so in the case of the Michigan Attorney General's Office. This is not an issue of free speech - this is an issue of harassment, poor judgment, and conduct astoundingly unbecoming of any state official charged with representing the public's interest in the legal arena. It seems as though Mike Cox (who has publicly denounced Shirvell's comments) won't fire Shirvell out of fear that he will offend his conservative Republican base, which is just sad. Read More >>